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The Philpott Case - A Letter to the editor of The Daily Mail

Below is an e-mail I have just sent to the editor of the Daily Mail, concerning their front page today, the 3rd of April. If you haven't seen it, don't look at it on their website (they would earn advertising money from it); you can find it on Twitter. Essentially it blames the deaths of six children in a blaze started by their father on the 'Welfare State.' Please write to the editor as well, and to the Press Complaints Commission. If you have the time, also write to major advertisers in the Mail. Such vile lies must be exposed and condemned, and the shameless exploitation of children's deaths for ideological purposes is an affront to human decency.


To the Editor of the Daily Mail,
Tonight I have seen the preview edition of this morning’s (3rd of April, 2013) front page. I am therefore writing to express in the strongest possible terms my outrage and disgust at this callous and twisted hijacking of the deaths of six children. Let me say that again: the deaths of…

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